Kerry Schetrompf – Owner, Veteran

After a series of medical issues related to Kerry’s deployment in Iraq, including multiple exposures to IED blasts, he sought out alternative healing. Once learning more, he discovered he was able to heal an ailment in his body said to be incurable by medical professionals. While on his second journey of healing, he discovered floating-from that point forward, he has worked on manifesting ownership of his own float center. This is just his beginning.

Brianne Stouffer – Owner, Pharmacist (PharmD)

Brianne has worked in healthcare for over 20 years. After 15 years as a Pharmacist she realized the need for alternative therapies and that true healing starts from within. Her longing to become an integrated pharmacist has lead her to a more natural approach and the opportunity to own Oasis Float Company. She LOVES to spend time with her husband and 5 kiddos, astrology, and travel the world. Always looking for something new and exciting–>she started beekeeping last year and enjoys watching all the buzz that comes with it.

Susan Swartz – Retired Program Analyst, SeneGence Consultant

Susan has a heart of giving and a love that keeps on shining. She is retired from the federal government and spends many of her days watching the grandkids, cooking dinners for the family, working at vendor events promoting SeneGence/LipSense products, working with many local charities and now helping in the Float Center. She enjoys cooking, baking and reading. She appreciates natural therapies and the healing benefits to the body of Float therapy.

Lindsey Long – Doula, Reiki Master

Lindsey is a wife, mom of 5 and the owner of Tri-State Doulas. Along side of birth work, she is a Reiki Master, Womb Light Practitioner and a Yoni Steam Facilitator. She has practice in many healing modalities such as Guided Meditation, EFT (tapping), Chakra Balancing/Clearing and Breath Work. In her spare time she loves spending time with her family on their boat, collecting crystals and hoarding house plants.

Stephanie Rakoczy-Schetrompf – Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Steph spends her days advocating for the welfare of Veterans. She has a love for people and is always willing to give a hand when needed. She loves being a mom and enjoys being with family. You may see her on the weekends giving us a hand around the Float Center. She is excited to support her husband’s dream of owning Oasis Float and has truly been an asset to the development of the business. To her, floating is a relaxing regeneration of her body and mind.

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